Dear Ghost Factory. What Should I Read? – Wolf Hands

Dear Ghost Factory. What Should I Read? – Wolf Hands

By: Rob Neil Gruszecki

Vaughn Miller was never unique or special. Planning on living out the rest of his days as a cell-phone plan salesman, his biggest goal was to spend as much time as possible with the love of his life, Jenny Rose. Unfortunately all aspirations of boredom and anonymity are scratched away by a slight infection of lycanthropy passed on by a dying werewolf as Vaughn is forever cursed with hands of savage hunger. Hands of bloody dismemberment. Hands that smell trouble.

Wolf Hands

 WH2 is the home of a brand new web series from Justin Heggs of last years’ Horror Anthology Don’t Be Afraid and artist Nick Johnson who contributed to Jason Mehmel’s Fight Comics!. It is here that you can treat yourself to the weekly adventures of Vaughn as he attempts to escape from Professor Orchid and his Army of Frankensteins who will endlessly pursue the man due to his monstrous ability to morph his hands into deadly killing machines. Stakes are high and steaks are made out of a lunatic assailants’ arms as they attempt to rob a diner where Vaughn and his girlfriend are grabbing a bite. Robot Surveillance drones keep an eye of Professor Orchid’s prey and chaos ensues already in the early chapters of GTFO, the first arc in the saga of Wolf Hands

Heggs and Johnson make a terrific creative team on this inventive, insanely fun and hilarious comic series, mashing-up B-movie monster archetypes and romantic comedy. New twists on old-hat horror tropes make these first few installments unique and the sheer concept of the book alone is enough to sell anyone on following each new update. Heggs instills Vaughn and Jenny with fully realized personalities that make them loveable and empathetic already at the 5 page mark. Johnson’s pencil work is madcap and zany, a perfect blend of looney cartoon-character design and celebratory, iconic monster twists.

One of my new favorite creations from a local creative team and one that deserves to be on everyone’s radar.

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