Dear Ghost Factory. What Should I Read? – *Previously Printed Elsewhere

Dear Ghost Factory. What Should I Read? – *Previously Printed Elsewhere

By: Rob Neil Gruszecki

A young girl with astounding talents that she can’t share with the world hovers in her bedroom, its contents kept suspended alongside her. Soon all will come crashing to the ground along with her understanding of family, loyalty, legacy and her own potential. Glimmer gives us a look at the world’s most powerful telekinetic and her unkept promises.

A new father gazes with wonder at what he and his partner have created. Held in his arms, his whole world looks back up at him with a haunted sadness. Cradled in the crux of his arm a newborn begs to be murdered by his Daddy.

The projectionist sits upon a stack of film and gets ready to entertain the beasties. The story he shares to an audience of vile creatures is one of an angry man and his own image reflected back through funhouse mirrors. Contorting his face and radically changing his waking life, Edward has upset the wrong “people”.

Collecting 3 short stories and an intro written by Wolf Hands Co-Creator Justin Heggs, *Previously Printed Elsewhere is a collection of horror and sci-fi stories from an eclectic, talented and exciting new voice in comics. Heggs approaches each story with a sincerity and weight that is palpable through each tale. With Glimmer, a heartbreaking story of suppression and shame, Heggs’ prose is powerful and concise. With Daddy, his words will torment you for days to come and finally with Mirror he creates a demented world of twisted self-image and fear that round out the collection quite nicely.

Working alongside Heggs we have the momentous talents of artists such as Scott Kowalchuk (Mysterious Strangers, Down, Set, Fight!) whose contribution to Glimmer is gorgeous from the first panel, Cecilia Latella (The Endling, In Absentia) who captures feelings of unease and dread astoundingly in Daddy, Ben Michael Byrne (Kranburn) whose incredible imagination can barely be contained in the short two pages of Midnight Feature “Intro” and finally Andy Kundrat (Armed & Fabulous) with his creepy “fun house” work in Mirror. Each style is clearly defined, original and stamped with their own individual talent and creativity making *Previously Printed Elsewhere a real treat to behold.

Finally, as the face of the whole product we have a stunning cover image by Carson Long (Check out his work here). Long’s talent and style is unlike any others and what he creates for *Previously Printed Elsewhere is a bizarre, winding structure of labour intensive linework and architecture. His colour work is beautiful and the image is a powerful, absurdist creation that could be stared at for hours, noticing new facets and branches with each viewing.

*Previously Printed Elsewhere is a powerhouse of independent and underground talent containing some truly original creations, written and drawn, that you won’t find anywhere else. Heggs has assembled an army of creators who demand your attention.


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