Dear Ghost Factory. What Should I Read? – D4VE

Dear Ghost Factory. What Should I Read? – D4VE

By: Rob Neil Gruszecki


The K’Laar are in their final phase of E4rth invasion and in these dark times it is hard to identify even a glimmer of hope amongst the heaps of discarded friends now turned into scrap metal, amassed rubble from the dismantled infrastructure of robot kind and overwhelming sensory overload at the hands of intergalactic war monsters who usher in the newest chapter of life on E4rth. Muddled under all the smouldering destruction from conquering factions there is a small voice that cries out in a last ditch effort to rally up the home team. His rally cry?

Oh shit balls

From Tiger Lawyer scribe Ryan Ferrier and Valentin Ramon comes the story of mid-life crisis, depression, defeat and eventual rebirth. D4VE is the story of what happens after the robots wipe out mankind and have taken over the E4rth only to run into their demise as well on a planet constantly changing hands. Housed at Monkeybrain comics the digital exclusive comic features explosive action, alien monsters, masturbating robots, office politics and sincerely empathetic characters. With its fifth and final issue being made available on June 4th, D4VE is one of the brightest, funniest and snarkiest mini-series available.


Ryan Ferrier is a clever and hysterical writer. Charting the adventures of a lawyer laying down the most court-room puns of any anthropomorphic Tiger I have seen in comics or real life for that matter, Ferrier makes each of his comics, short or long form, a whimsical joy to read. With the Brothers James, Ferrier scripts a dark and deadly crime world that shows off his action, adventure chops. In D4VE he has written, ironically, his most human story to date. The slump of D4VE’s life is one that most can relate to and while his friends and family get exhausted with his underachieving and self-deprecation you can feel connected to the poor tin-can as he longs for the old days where he was motivated, useful and wanted. By the fourth issue, D4VE’s redemption is uplifting and heartwarming. The final few moments of D4VE’s journey are imminent but each chapter in his reclamation of self-worth is visceral and compelling.

Valentin Ramon has created some of the best looking worlds I have seen in comics with his work on D4VE. Colourful and vibrant he depicts the new robot world as an industrial cluster and his work only gets even more incredible to behold as the K’Laar invade and more of their hideous, slug-like kind is revealed. His action and fight sequences are spectacular and getting to see D4VE kick the asses of hordes of aliens is such a treat. Colouring, inking and penciling D4VE all himself, the workload is heavy and the payoff is a smooth, streamlined and amazing style that is captivating and immersive. His character designs throughout each issue are substantial and imaginative and after D4VE I simply can’t wait to see what other amazing creations we see from this artist.

The five-issue mini series is done as of the 4th so if you haven’t read D4VE yet make sure to catch up with the previous 4 issues here and be sure to check out everything that has come before or will innevitably come after from these two great creators.

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